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Carpets have been a favourable addition to homes everywhere for hundreds of years, making for warmer living rooms, and more welcoming hallways. Though traditionally made from wool, contemporary alternatives include a range of synthetic fibres, such as nylon and polyester. The cosy composition of thick, woven yarn is soft underfoot, delighting homeowners and guests alike. Behind the dense pile surface, a stabilising backing is introduced, supporting the fabric. You can rest assured that our gorgeous stock of high quality carpets will deliver stunning visual results, whilst boasting impeccable durability.

The Benefits

Carpets are highly regarded for their luxurious look and feel, but there are many other aspects that make carpeting an excellent flooring choice. The inclusion of dense, woven fibre provides outstanding heat and sound insulation, keeping the warmth inside, and the disturbances out. Moreover, the price-tag associated with carpet flooring has seen a reduction in recent years. The use of synthetic fabrics has made the cost of carpeting more accessible, without compromising the quality.

The Style

Whether you love the traditional, naturalistic feel of real wool, or are looking for an elaborate, modern pattern, our hand-selected range of carpet styles will make your home as unique as you are. The quality of our carpet flooring is unmatched, so whatever your personal preference, you can guarantee that your choice of style will be deep in texture, and rich in detail.

The Backing

When making the long-lasting commitment of installing new carpets, you need to feel confident that your flooring is durable, hardwearing, and has a long lifespan. Whilst the pile of our carpets have been chemically treated for reduced static and increased soil retardance, the stability of carpet flooring lies within the backing. We have multiple types of backing available, including felt back, action back, and gel back. Felt back carpets do not require underlay, making it an excellent choice for those who are working towards a budget. Action backs boast additional strength and stability, improving the longevity of your carpet. Finally, gel back carpeting is a solid and flexible choice, with the additional benefits of water resistance and anti-slip qualities. No matter which choice you make, we know that you’ll be satisfied!

The Choice

Our expertly curated collection of carpets are available in a range of colours, giving you the freedom to find a perfect fit for your home. In addition, we have some of the UK’s leading carpet brands on offer, so you can rest assured that your choice of flooring is built to last. In addition, our carpet flooring is unbelievably modest in price. Remember, even our most luxurious flooring is cheaper than our competitors’! Still unsure? Try one of our samples. No matter how many you order, they will always be free!

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