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Felt Back Carpets

When you’re looking to buy new carpets for your home, you’re not just looking for flooring that’s visually impressive. You need to know that your choice of carpet can stand up to the test of time. Our range of luxurious felt back carpets are highly regarded for their ability to offer style and durability. Constructed from dense textile fibres, the felt backing of our carpets deliver excellent support to the pile surface, whilst remaining flexible, easy to fit, and modest in price. Our felt back carpets can even be fitted over underfloor heating, so you can rest assured that your new choice of flooring won’t buckle under extreme conditions.

The Benefits

Felt backing has seen incredible levels of demand as it can be fitted without the need for underlay. As this is an imperative step for other carpet backing, felt backed carpets are not only easier to install, they are more cost effective too. As a result, felt backing is a superb choice for those who want cheap carpets, without compromising on quality, comfort, and stability. Alongside this, felt back carpets are soft underfoot, yet not susceptible to wearing. Felt backing provides excellent dimensional stability, without feeling rigid and inflexible. Finally, the entangled fibres of felt backing deliver high levels of heat and sound insulation, so you can get cosy and warm, and remain completely undisturbed.

The Choice

Although our felt back carpets are a cheaper alternative to other carpet backing, we believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for less variety. Because of this, all our felt back carpets are available in a wide selection of bespoke colours. Ranging from rich Coffee Bean to romantic Crimson Berry, we’re confident you’ll be able to find a felt back carpet that matches your home interior perfectly. In addition to our range of colours, we also offer felt back carpets in a range of shades, weights, and styles, giving you an added layer of customisation. Dedicated to providing an excellent product with exceptional service, we offer unlimited free samples, so you can see the amazing quality of our flooring before you make a decision. Order yours today!

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