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Cormar Apollo Plus Carpets

Cormar have been gaining respect from industry experts and flooring professionals from the moment they began in 1956. Since then, they’ve been pioneering the way for high quality carpeting, becoming one of Britain’s favourite family run businesses. Cormar’s Apollo Plus collection boasts true domestic bliss, promising a perfect blend of comfort and durability fit for any interior scenario. Each carpet is built to look and feel fantastic underfoot, utilising a unique Excelon polypropylene pile for intriguing textures and unrivalled softness. With every step, you’ll experience true comfort.

The Benefits

Apollo plus carpets are the embodiment of next generation style and design. Each yarn has been twisted into a 2-fold configuration for enhanced tactile sensations and an enduring performance. Additionally, this range has been tufted on tenth gauge machinery to provide and extra thick pile. The dense face will prove unsusceptible to unravelling after continuous use, making it a perfect solution for heavy domestic purposes. Maintenance is made simple by the easy-clean fabric, allowing you to clean your Apollo Plus carpet with a solution of bleach. As a guarantee of extended longevity, a 10-year stain and wear warranty comes as standard with every purchase, giving you peace of mind from day one.

The Choice

We stock an extensive range of Cormar Apollo Plus carpets, giving you unrivalled freedom of choice. Whether you love neutral tones, bold hues, or dark shades, you’ll find an ideal match for your home.

Alongside a remarkable selection of colours, our carpets are available in a bespoke choice of styles, fabrics, and dimensions, so you can meet your exact specifications with ease. Order yours today, and receive impressive express delivery!

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