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Black Carpets

For those who love the high-definition, streamlined elegance of modern city living, black carpets are perfect for you. Using contemporary methods of carpet manufacturing, our black carpets have a state of the art backing, specifically engineered with dimensional stability in mind. With a dense surface pile that is both soft and luxurious, our range of black carpets will consistently deliver dramatic results, promoting an elite aesthetic in many rooms within your home. Whether you’re looking to add glamour and class to your bedroom, or bold drama to your hallways and living room, our black carpets are a fantastic and versatile choice.

The Benefits

Black carpets are slightly less common than their lighter counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have some exceptional benefits. In fact, the rarity of black carpet flooring could work in your favour, making your home interior stand out from the crowd! Alongside covering spills and debris, black carpets are less prone to shading. This means that there won’t be a noticeable change in colour when light reflects off bent or crushed pile. Alongside this, black carpets can bring an additional level of depth to rooms with minimalist décor, preventing the room from feeling sparse. Combine your black carpets with an accent colour or lighter walls, and you will be taken aback by the improved personality of your living space.

The Choice

Whilst it can be easy to think that there isn’t much variety when it comes to black carpets, our extensive collection will prove otherwise! Our black carpets are available in various unique shades, such as Anthracite and Cookies and Cream, promising boundless character.

Like many of our flooring products, our variety of black carpets are available in different styles and weights, and come with a choice of backing to perfectly suit your requirements. Stuck for what to choose? Don’t forget to order one of our unlimited free samples, so you can try the fantastic quality of our carpets before you buy.

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