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Purple Carpets

For generations, purple carpets have been reserved for regal stately homes and royal estates. But with contemporary design innovation, modern craftsmanship, and updates in flooring technology, you can achieve the same aesthetic at a margin of the cost. Our exceptional selection of purple carpets is created using the softest fabrics, exhibiting a range of intriguing hues and textures. Whether used alongside other bold furnishings for an affluent appearance, or as a prominent feature in minimalist spaces, you can rest assured that any shade of purple will work in harmony with your home interior.

The Benefits

Alongside striking visual results, our purple carpets are built with functionality and longevity in mind. The surface pile is coated in a stain resistant solution that prevents dirt and grime from absorbing into the fabric. Additionally, only light vacuuming will prove sufficient when cleaning your carpet, saving you time and effort. For dimensional stability, a sturdy backing is attached behind the pile. This allows the fabric to resist pile crush, and provides thermal and acoustic insulation.

The Choice

We pride ourselves on our high-quality stock, incredible availability, and outstanding choice. That’s why our purple carpets are expertly selected to meet a wide array of interior specifications. No matter what home, lifestyle, or décor you enjoy, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you.

Alongside a bespoke choice of pile colour, our carpets are available in a variety of styles, dimensions, and pile types, giving you freedom of choice like no other. Get a head start on your next renovation by ordering one of our unlimited free samples today!

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