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Berber Loop Carpet

For a choice of flooring that is comfortable underfoot, low in cost, and high in durability, look no further than berber loop carpet. Constructed from thick, tightly looped yarn, the surface pile promises enhanced wear resistance, whilst still remaining soft and welcoming. Designed with dimensional stability in mind, the carpet utilises a stable backing that provides support and retains shape. Berber carpets are some of the most versatile on the market, proving suitable for areas of moderate-to-high footfall. Each carpet is coated with a chemical solution that dissipates electrostatic build-up, and faces up to accidental spillages and stains. With this collection, you can rest assured that your flooring will have a sustained lifespan, delivering stunning visual results for years to come.

The Benefits

Berber carpets are renowned for being easy to maintain. The tightly looped yarn prevents dirt and debris from being absorbed into the fabric. Instead, any build-up of grime will simply rest above the surface, and can be quickly pacified with a vacuum cleaner. The surface pile isn’t prone to shading either, so marks from your feet or vacuum won’t remain visible. Alongside impeccable resilience, berber loop carpets are often a much cheaper alternative to other styles. Whilst the price does vary, shearing is not required during the manufacturing process, drastically lowering costs. But don’t let the modest price-tag fool you into thinking that this choice of carpet is low quality. In fact, berber loop carpets have a prolonged lifespan, are tough against pile crush, and can be installed above underfloor heating!

The Choice

Due to the popularity of berber loop carpets, we have tailored our stock to be as versatile as possible. Whether you’re looking for light or dark, bold or neutral, or just want a prominent feature for your home, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Alongside a range of colours, each carpet is available in a variety of shades, styles, and weights, so you can meet your exact needs. Need help deciding? We offer unlimited free samples with a speedy delivery service. Don’t hesitate to order yours today!

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