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Interface Carpet Tiles

Interface have five different pattern types in three differing degrees of intensity, and two tile sizes. Interface like to make it easy to choose a tile through this formula, and ensure you know exactly what you are getting with no nasty surprises. There however are plenty of different colours and striking yet simple designs to choose from, from the easy to match neutral tones to bright and emotion inducing alternatives. Interface have also acquired the prestigious Huega, the inventor of the carpet tile, so you can be sure that Interface tiles will be of exceptional quality.

Interface formed when they recognized the need for flexible floor coverings, and since then have become the larget carpet manufacturer in the world. The tiles are popular for their innovation therefore, including the decision to focus on sustainable tiles. Their Global Change range is eco-friendly and inspired by transitions in nature, using linear and organic patterns that connect dark with light, and people with the earth. This is perfect for those who value design but can’t find responsible options elsewhere. CircuitBac Green is also eco-friendly, as its production ensures more carbon is absorbed than produced, but still retains durability and stability. This unique innovation is ideal for those who value the planet and responsible living but don’t want to compromise on quality.

Ther are plenty of other collections too, available in a variety of pastel, natural and bright colours and all inspired by nature. There is something for everyone, and with the quality and ecofriendly attributes, you can’t go wrong. Please browse the full collection below.

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