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Polyflor Safety Flooring

Polyflor offer and extremely wide range of safety flooring. All of their floors conform to HSE Guidelines to ensure maximum safety and quality is guaranteed, meaning a sustainable slip-resistance is present as a result. As Polyflor focus on customer needs, this means their products really speak to the people they are made for and are well loved by those who buy them. This goes for functionality, design and colour, so you can rest assured that these products have been designed especially with you in mind and will suit your needs.

Often paving the way for other brands, Polyflor are innovators. This means they have the latest technology in their products and often set the standard in the industry. With a Polyflor floor, you will be ahead of the trend, creating a modern and innovative association with your business or commercial space.

The sustainability of the products makes them excellent value for money, considering the polymer system these floors use means the functional effects last a lifetime. Costs will be saved over time in that you will not need to replace this floor as frequently as untreated products. Some products contain a pimple emboss, reducing slip risk in wet barefoot areas such as pools, again demonstrating how versatile these floors can be. To find a floor that would undoubtedly suit your commercial space, please browse through all our Polyflor products below.

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