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Black Carpet Tiles

Black is a neutral colour that hides dirt better than any other. If it is impractical to clean throughout the day, this shade would be perfect for your commercial space.

In a classroom, gym or kitchen, it is not always possible to clean as often as you would like. At the same time, these are spaces in which hygiene is valued by its users, so black is extremely useful to minimise the appearance of dirt. Other places, regardless of how often they are cleaned, experience heavy footfall that is impossible to keep on top of. Regardless of environment, black would clearly help please visitors to your commercial space – also helped by the fact it is a versatile colour.

Black can go with any décor, meaning no matter how you decorate now or in the future, it will fit in. This gives you great value for money, as well as the fact it’s neutrality means it is well liked and does not attract negative attention. Black’s appearance also helps create a sophisticated, cool and modern atmosphere, which is helpful depending on the environment. It should be used in rooms with lots of natural light however, so the atmosphere avoids being boring, dull or intimidating.

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