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Blue Carpet Tiles

Blue is great for educational, healthcare or office settings, in which it is a classic. It is also commonly found in corridors as a pop of colour to brighten these otherwise dark settings. Blue is perfect for adding something different to the common grey tones found in commercial spaces.

If you want something that lightens up a room for a more appealing and less dull atmosphere, then blue is brilliant. It isn’t colourful enough to distract people and draw too much attention, but has more of a subconscious effect. It can do this in an otherwise neutrally toned place too, by adding colour thus attractiveness and appeal.

If you have blue branding for your business, a blue floor may fit in well with your brand, and make it more memorable or fitting as a result. If style is what you are focused on, light blue should be paired with whites for a light an airy feel or cream and wood colours for warmth. Dark blues on the other hand should be placed amongst white, black or dark wood colours to best compliment the shade.

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