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Grey Carpet Tiles

Grey is the most classic and timeless colour for flooring in a commercial space. It is dark enough to hide dirt, yet light enough to avoid making a room seem dull and uninviting.

Grey is a neutral colour, meaning no matter what décor you have, it will fit in. this also makes it great value for money, as any changes over the years will not look out of place in relation to the floor. It is also not an attention grabbing colour, meaning visitors to retail spaces or educational settings will be more focused on what is being offered rather than the look of the room. As it is neutral, grey is also a safe option that will not be displeasing to anyone in the room.

If you are looking to create a metallic look, grey can also work in this sense – it can balance out bright colours elsewhere in the room, meaning places like coffee shops where atmosphere is important will not be overwhelmed by jarring and clashing colours. At the same time, there is enough versatility for monochrome themes or warm and calming colour pairings.

Grey works well in large rooms as it makes them appear smaller, and enhances the effect of other colours. For example, if you want red chairs to pop, grey will make them better able to do so.

Another benefit is grey’s ability to hide dirt – this makes it perfect for places with heavy footfall that don’t have much time to be cleaned throughout the day.

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