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Multicoloured Carpet Tiles

Can't decide on a carpet tile colour? Why not have all of them! A multicoloured carpet tile can help make a room look much more fun and full of personality, making it perfect for setting where a positive atmosphere is required.

Are you looking to create a vibrant, modern and characterful setting? Multicoloured is ideal for doing this. It has a personality that reflects on your business, making it memorable and distinct to anyone who sets foot in the building. Alternatively, it can create a fun and happy atmosphere suitable for children, in settings such as nurseries, play areas or schools.

For best results, it is best to use multicoloured carpet tiles in rooms that are decorated with neutral tones – like white, brown or beige – or a colour scheme that matches that on the carpet tiles already. This will aid vibrancy, and its eye catching effect without being jarring.

Not all multicoloured carpet tiles are rainbow – some combine contrasting colours and some combine similar colours, yet all of them have a unique and interesting pattern or design. This means we have a variety of options available that would suit any commercial setting or even home. A great thing about carpet tiles with multiple colours is the fact that they can hide dirt really well, making them suitable for areas that have high footfall or dirt buildup.

Overall, multicoloured carpet tiles allow you to combine different tones with different connotations, meanings and moods with one simple change to the room. So, if you wish to create an atmosphere with little effort or expenditure, choose from our carpet tiles below!

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