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Multicoloured Carpet Tiles

If you can’t decide on one carpet tiles colour, have multiple colours within your branding, or wish to offset bright or dark tones with contrasting colours, you can achieve it with multicoloured carpet tiles. These work well in children’s environments, such as education or specific healthcare settings, as well as residential, retail and office spaces.

Classrooms or children’s wards in hospital and GP surgeries will compliment multicoloured carpet tiles well due to the positive and reassuring atmosphere they create. In a child’s mind, multicoloured represents fun and comfort, making them feel much more at home. In residential areas, you are creating a homely feel with soft and warm carpet, especially with multiple colours, and the personality and character within the designs we stock showcases this. Retail spaces are made to be much more friendly and welcoming, and are given a personality, making people want to return. Offices are given the same benefits as retail spaces, except the feelings evoked from the colours can cause an increase in productivity.

If you wish to combine different moods and meanings, or rather just use colour whilst still hiding dirt with darker tones, you can achieve it with these carpet tiles! Don’t get multicoloured confused with rainbow - there are many options of all shades and styles available for any commercial space, provided you use accenting or neutral tones elsewhere in the room. Please take a look below and see what works for you.

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