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Orange Carpet Tiles

Orange carpet tiles are not as common in commercial spaces, meaning our orange carpet tiles will help add something unique and eye-catching to the environment. Dark and light oranges have different meaning, but both are able to make a statement and wake up people in the room.

Vibrant oranges are great in educational spaces or offices, as they have the ability to energise, stimulate the mind, increase productivity, imagination and creativity, and even increase a sense of fun and enjoyment. These effects occur as orange is associated with sunlight, naturally appealing to the mind. Darker oranges can be used to make a bold statement, and represent the personality of a brand well. Amongst black or white tones, modern style can be created, making your commercial space seem trendy. This is important is atmosphere determines your success in terms of repeat custom and brand image - such as in retail spaces for example.

Orange is a memorable shade due to its rarity and boldness, meaning you will likely be remembered well by people who set foot in the room. Whether you want to make a daring modern statement, increase productivity, or create a warm and comforting feel, orange carpet tiles are the way to do it.

Carpet tiles are a more soft, homely and comforting commercial flooring solution than safety flooring. If you instead require slip resistance, we have orange safety flooring available.

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