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Orange Carpet Tiles

Orange is different, interesting and vibrant, making an impression and standing out wherever it goes. If this is the image you want for your commercial environment, orange is the carpet tile colour for you!

Orange is a warm colour, meaning it brightens and opens up a room, and has the psychological effect of creating happiness and physical warmth within people, meaning they will have a much more positive experience in your commercial space, even if only subconscious. The memorable shade will also ensure it sticks out in their memory and visitors will want to return again in future.

Theme wise, orange is reminiscent of the Mediterranean, sunshine, and fun times. This makes it suitable for environments like hotels or Mediterranean restaurants for example, or could even be used in schools and nurseries to create a positive atmosphere. Evidently, this is a versatile colour suitable for all kinds of settings, being either summery or neutral looking depending on surrounding décor. This is yet another benefit – it can be matched with natural colours or wood and paired with plants, or alternatively combined with black and white – all of which give different vibes to suit you best.

Orange is also gender neutral and appealing to children, as well as the fact that carpet tiles are soft, warm and comfortable to sit or walk on. This makes it ideal for educational or other environments where children will be, particularly if the room is otherwise plain and un-engaging.

It should be noted that being a bright colour, orange can show up dirt more easily than some other carpet tiles, so consider this in high traffic areas where outdoor shoes will be worn, and take a look at our maintenance guide for tips on how to keep them looking fresh.

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3 Item(s)
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