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Pink Carpet Tiles

For a memorable, bright, daring and fun tone, try pink. It ensures people will leave with positive memories and associations due to its carefree and whimsical look, and is highly associated with leisure time. For this reason, pink is popular in the service industry, like in salons where atmosphere is important and a certain feeling needs to be created within customers.

Typically, pink is a classic in feminine spaces, as well as nurseries and places for children. This is due to the light and friendly atmosphere created with medium shaded or light pinks. However, bolder ones may be chosen to increase versatility and match branding for example. It may also be used as temporary flooring to match event colours, such as charitable causes.

Light pinks may calm a room and reduce boldness caused by other colours, or instead you could use a darker pink to inject fun, depth and character into the room. Calm tones are useful in stressful spaces where inhabitants should be relaxed, including offices, whereas darker shades are more suited to fun leisure environments, especially in combination with black and other dark tones, or low lighting. These will help somebody feel at home and increase the luxurious feel. Choose the shade wisely depending on whether you wish to make and impression, blend in, or accent other decor.

Carpet tiles are a more soft, homely and comforting commercial flooring solution than safety flooring. If you instead require slip resistance, we have pink safety flooring available.

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