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Pink Carpet Tiles

Pink is bright, daring, fun, intriguing and memorable. If you want visitors to your commercial environment to go away with positive associations, pink can achieve this wonderfully.

This colour is a classic in feminine or children’s spaces, such as salons or nurseries. Shades can range from light and whimsical to dark and bold, giving a versatility that makes pink suitable for many other environments too. It can also be used to match branding, or create a temporary floor at events for causes associated with the colour.

You can tone down and calm a room with lighter shades that create a less bold look, or liven it up with dark pink to inject fun and depth into the room. Calm tones would work well in spaces where people need to be relaxed and where there is lots of stress. Darker shades suit leisure environments, especially when combined with dark tones like black and low lighting or candles. Your choice can also depend on whether you want the floor to blend in, accent other decor, or make an impression, so choose wisely!

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