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Purple Carpet Tiles

Purple carpet tiles are useful for creating a pop of colour in otherwise plain rooms. They can also be used to accompany other rich colours, can affect the brightness and size of a room in people’s minds, or can create a modern and sophisticated look. This all depends on the shade of purple chosen, which can be highly versatile in its perception depending on other decor in the room too.

With other bold colours, purple creates a statement, and increases the room’s fun and playful appearance, ideal in educational environments. Light purples look whimsical, calming and friendly, especially with other light colours. A light room can be warmed up with purple, but still made to appear larger and brighter - ideal for small spaces. Amongst dark colours, brighter and bolder purples will create the modern and chic look that makes your commercial space look prestigious and luxurious. This is aided by the fact purple is seen as a regal, luxurious colour - this reflects on your space subconsciously regardless of which shade is used.

Darker purples can help tone down a room that is too bright and appears too large and intimidating by helping the room appear smaller. When combined with other dark tones like black, they may blend in and add colour more subtly, perfect for those who don’t want to make a statement but still require colour to set their space apart and make it more intriguing.

Purple overall is deep and intriguing, but it doesn’t capture all the attention as red does for example. It has rich character and positive associations, and it is almost impossible to go wrong with, especially when added to monochrome themes. It is friendly enough for educational settings, atmospheric enough for retail and leisure, and calming and relaxing enough for care homes or mental health facilities.

Carpet tiles are a more soft, homely and comforting commercial flooring solution than safety flooring. If you instead require slip resistance, we have purple safety flooring available.

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