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Purple Carpet Tiles

Purple carpet tiles are a way of creating a pop of colour in a commercial setting that is not as commonly seen as other colours like blue and green.

Purple is a bold and stylish tone that will add a unique and eye-catching twist to any commercial space. Although its depth means it doesn’t pop as brightly as tones like red, it still has an intriguing stand-out quality due to its character. That being said, it does not draw away from the rest of the room. It also has the ability to open up a smaller room, and adds a sense of luxury to a space due to its history of expensive production and popularity amongst the elite.

Friendly enough for educational settings, and stylish enough for retail, purple is clearly an extremely versatile colour, offering anything from fun to elegance. To aid its versatility, it also has a variety of shades available, which is why we stock everything from light floral tones to deep wine-like regal options. Darker purples hide dirt well, so are suited to high footfall areas. Alternatively, lighter tones are ideal for open plan areas with plenty of natural light. In rooms with various other colours, there is nothing to fear when it comes to redecorating – it can go with almost anything, from black and white to blue and green.

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