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Red Carpet Tiles

A red floor is less common in a commercial space, meaning its use will be unique and more memorable to customers, clients or visitors.

As red is bold, it helps stimulate the mind – this makes it great for educational or office settings in which productivity is desired. It is colourful enough to add something bright to an otherwise plain, dull and colourless room, making your commercial space much more welcoming and appealing. Depending on the setting, this may draw people back in again and again due to the atmosphere created in the subconscious mind.

If you have red branding, a red floor will perfectly match this, and considering branding can help a business tremendously, this is important to consider. You need not worry about it fitting in with other décor – red goes well with black, white, grey, brown and even yellow. There are many tones that red can be paired with, so you will have a large choice of furniture or other decorative items to choose from when employing a red floor.

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