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Brown Safety Flooring

Brown safety floors can conceal dirt such as footprints thanks to their dark tone, which is excellent for places with heavy footfall. If you live in an area where there is often rain or lots of mud, brown is the ideal choice. By concealing footprints you will create an image of cleanliness which in hospital, bathroom or kitchen settings for example will make people feel much more confident about your commercial spaces’ hygiene. That confidence can be what makes people return, so is important to consider when buying a safety floor.

Brown also creates a warm and welcoming environment that can relax people, again making it great in health care settings. As it is a neutral colour, you need not worry about interior design, as neutral brown goes with anything. This means over the years you may change your furniture and the floor will still fit in, giving you more options and better value for money.

We also have brown carpet tiles if you feel this would be more suited to your environment.

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