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Grey Safety Flooring

Grey safety floors are safe and versatile. They are dark enough to hide dirt, yet light enough to still seem hygienic, and avoid making a room seem dull and uninviting.

Grey, being neutral, will fit in with any coloured décor, so any changes you make to a room throughout the years will avoid looking out of place. This makes for great value for money, especially for budget-tight businesses where interior deisng is not a priority, as the floor will not need replacing to fit in. Grey is also a safe option as it’s neutrality will not displease anyone in the room.

Kitchens and the healthcare sector may benefit from the ability of grey to create metallic or monochrome themes that people associate with professionalism and hygiene. This association is due to grey’s ability to hide dirt – this makes it perfect for places with heavy footfall that don’t have much time to be cleaned throughout the day.

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