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Entrance Matting

Entrance matting is a form of heavy duty carpet tile that is placed at entrances to serve the same function as a doormat, but with larger dimensions ideal for commercial spaces. They can be used at internal and external entry and exit points, and help keep the flooring elsewhere in the building protected from dirt and long term damage, giving you greater value for money, better health and safety, and a more professional and hygienic look.

It is recommended by industry experts that entrance matting is used internally and externally, and the ideal number of mats is three. We know this isn't practical for everyone, and this number can even negatively affect the look of your space. This is why our heavy duty entrance matting is perfect for your commercial space - the quality provided by trusted manufacturers like Interface, Gradus and Birch can provide the effect that even multiple lower quality products can't.

These mats will significantly reduce the amount of dirt on people's shoes - even if they don't intentionally wipe them on the mat - preventing unsightly mud, slippery water and floor damaging grit being spread around the building. A hygienic, safe and attractive commercial space will leave a much better impression on visitors, which is a valuable return for a one off cost. It will also protect you flooring from damage, giving your floor greater longevity too.

We have plenty of products suited to different amounts of traffic, and with looks that will hide dirt yet look sophisticated enough to quietly compliment any atmosphere. It is recommended that for maximum effect, you use a minimum size of 1.8m which allows for 2 contacts on each foot.

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