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Wood Effect Safety Flooring

On a safety flooring, a wood effect can provide than natural and rustic appearance with a much more suitable non-slip effect and easy clean property for your commercial space. We stock a variety of species and shades, so there is sure to be one to suit your needs.

As wood can warp in changes to temperature, is sometimes more expensive, and is unpredictable in its design, safety floors are superior. Also, if for example a hair product is dropped in a hair salon, this may react with the wood and damage it, whereas a safety floor would react in this way. It is also easier to clean these than wood. Cost is important for those who are on a budget or do not want to invest too much in a commercial space in case of expansion to other premises, showing another way in which a wood effect safety floor is much better than simple wood in the majority of scenarios.

In terms of atmosphere, the wood effect is still present in creating rustic or natural looks. We recommend it in experience-based environments such as hair salons or massage parlours – especially as these may get messy or experience spillages that would damage wood. You should pair these floors with plants, white décor or authentic wooden furniture to enhance the natural effect.

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