Engineered Wood Flooring Construction Advice

Multi Ply Engineered Wood Flooring Diagram


3 Ply Engineered Wood Flooring Diagram

We are very passionate about our engineered wood flooring as it looks just as good as real wood but is even stronger and more practical. The best thing about engineered wood in comparison to the real thing is that it is made in a way that makes it much less susceptible to movement due to changes in moisture and temperature, this is because only the top layer is made of real hardwood. There are three different ways in which our engineered flooring is constructed, please read below for more information.

Multi Ply- Multi ply engineered flooring is made by tightly fusing together many layers of plywood, this makes the main body of the board, then a real wood veneer is the top layer. This construction means that this is the strongest of our engineered options and it is also suitable to be installed on all types of sub floor and can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.

Three Ply- Much like the multi ply option, our three ply engineered wood flooring is made with a top layer of real hardwood then two layers of plywood of soft wood. This is the cheaper option compared to multi ply. Thankfully it is almost as strong and will resist moisture changes just like its alternative but as the real wood veneer is the top layer, you will not be able to tell the difference.

HDF- Engineered flooring is also available with its core layer made from HDF (high density fibreboard), this makes it much cheaper than the plywood options but once again, your flooring will look exactly the same once installed as the top layer is still real wood. Because of the high density of the boards core this type of engineered wood is particularly resilient to surface impacts. We would recommend a plywood option if your floor will be exposed to excess moisture.