Engineered Wood Flooring Dimensions Advice

Engineered Wood Flooring Diagram

We would like to introduce you to the different species of wood available for your engineered flooring. Obviously they all look different as our pictures show but we want to ensure you can make an informed choice; so go on, have a read!

Thickness- We know the importance of providing you with good quality flooring that will last for years to provide you with value for your hard earned cash! Our engineered flooring comes from 10mm to 20mm thick - thicker boards are generally the better option as they are stronger, sound better underfoot and can be sanded down more times, but obviously the benefits also mean that they have a slightly larger price tag! Of course, a thicker board will last longer but you may require a thinner one dependent on your needs (e.g. thickness of any existing flooring).

Width- The width you choose for your flooring is completely down to you as all our widths are the same quality so the strength and ability of your floor will be the same. We stock a range of widths in our engineered flooring, from 90mm to 300mm. You will want to consider the size of your room and the effect you are aiming to achieve as a smaller plank width will make your room appear larger and larger widths will look best in open spaces and seem more traditional.