Engineered Wood Flooring Edge Profile Advice

Engineered Profile Advice  

When choosing your engineered flooring you will want to think about the edging of the boards. You can usually choose to either have a smooth floor where the individual boards all blend into one or a bevelled floor, which looks more authentic. Read about edging further here!

Bevelled Edge- To create a more natural floorboard feel, bevelled edges make a groove between each of your engineered flooring planks. They add a touch of design statement to your floor and will cleverly hide any gaps that may develop between your boards over time.

Square Edge- A square edged board means that each plank fits together precisely to create a smooth orderly covering with no visible spaces. This means that each of your engineered planks is blended together, appearing modern and give a more formal and simple look to your room.

Tip-The bevelled option is by far the most popular of the two options due to it offering the most authentic look.