Engineered Wood Flooring Grade Advice

As you will be aware, wood is a totally natural product and it has naturally occurring knots, variation in colour and wood grain patterns. When the wood we use for your engineered flooring is lumbered, it is all graded for quality so you know what to expect. Please read below to find out about the different grades of wood we sell.

Prime- Prime graded wood is the number one in grading, meaning that there is only a minimal amount of small knots in the wood, giving it a uniform appearance and a smoother, cleaner feel, perfect for a contemporary looking space.

Rustic- The rustic grade of wood is just that, it looks more simple and natural, this is due to the increased amount of knots in a variety of sizes, natural grain patterns and colour variation that rustic wood offers. Sometimes filler is used on knots and splits in rustic wood. Rustic grade wood is by far the most popular grade in the wood industry down to its unrivalled natural appearance.

Distressed- Our distressed flooring is specially treated to intentionally create an aged and worn look; stain, colour wash and an embossing roll are used to produce the distressed look with pits and nail holes which add to its character. This is a good choice in busy areas to help hide dents and marks as they will only add to the desired appearance.