Engineered Wood Flooring Joining Method Advice

click engineered wood flooring diagram

engineered wood flooring diagram

Our engineered wood flooring either comes with a clever and easy click system or with the traditional tongue and groove system, read about each of them here to decide which is best for your needs.

Click- Our click fitting system makes installing your engineered flooring very straightforward as the planks simply click together and lock into place without the need for glue, screws or much equipment. Therefore, this joining method is ever becoming more popular for DIY enthusiasts. Please note, this flooring must be fitted over a solid base, be it concrete or wooden.

Tongue and Groove- Tongue and groove flooring specifies that one side of the board has a protruding edge and the other has a rebated edge, these edges will fit perfectly into each other once fitted and therefore, creating a smooth flooring surface without any gaps. Out tongue and groove engineered flooring can be installed on any type of sub-floor, using secret screws, nails or glue.