Distressed Engineered Wood Flooring

Distressed engineered wood flooring is a gorgeous rustic option that leaves you with a traditional old-world feel. Our distressed wood flooring takes advantage of the knots, blemishes, colour variation, and even cracks that wood floorboards acquire naturally. Instead of artificially sanding away, painting over, or filling in these "imperfections", distressed wood highlights them as part of the wood floor’s natural character. Combined with flooring that is specifically constructed for the purposes of high durability, distressed engineered wood flooring would be a stunning addition to your home.

The Benefits

Distressed wood is among the most cost effective ways to get an authentic "worn" look from real wood flooring in your home. Alternatives such as reclaimed wood can be a good deal more expensive, requiring extensive labour to acquire. Along with the manageable cost, the composition of multiple layers of timber underneath the distressed solid wood veneer gives you all the benefits of a rustic finish, without compromising the stability of the board. Add to this the natural low maintenance of the distressed style, and you have unbeatable engineered wood flooring.

The Choice

Distressed engineered wood flooring achieves stunning results when paired with our solid oak wear layer. The natural intricacy of solid oak is accentuated beautifully during the distressing process, making it a highly desirable finish.

Our distressed engineered wood flooring is available in a variety of styles, colours, and thicknesses, giving you the freedom to choose wood flooring that perfectly suits your home. Don’t forget to browse our range of accessories to keep your floors as stunning as the day they were fitted.

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  1. Bibury Whisky Distressed Oak 220 x 15/4mm Sale Badge
    Bibury Whisky Distressed Oak 220 x 15/4mm
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  2. Bibury Whisky Distressed Oak 190 x 20/6mm Sale Badge
    Bibury Whisky Distressed Oak 190 x 20/6mm
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2 Items