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Invisible Lacquered Engineered Wood Flooring

Many people are put off lacquer as they feel it will affect the appearance of their floor too much - this is where invisible lacquer comes in. Invisible lacquer is a popular method of protecting your engineered flooring without making it obvious. An invisible lacquer will provide the same protection as a regular lacquer, creating a film to lie on top of your floor, but with a transparent appearance so the natural beauty of your flooring is more visible.

Lacquer finishes are very popular due to their ease of maintenance. There is no need to be afraid of staining with a lacquer, as any spillages can easily be wiped or mopped away and have no risk of sinking in. This is because a lacquer forms a protective film-like layer on the top of the floor, unlike an oil which simply seeps into the wood for protection.

Lacquers can add a smoother look and feel to your floor, making it much more comfortable to walk on, attractive to look at, and - in the case on invisible lacquers - still able to maintain the beautiful natural colour of the wood. Practically, your floor will also avoid conceding scratches caused by pet claws or clumsy children, so in future when the lacquer eventually wears off, your floor will still be as good as new.

A lacquer can last for years without the need for refinishing, but when it does require this, a simple sanding and refinishing process can be carried out to keep your floor just as protected as it was on first purchase. The wear layer will determine exactly how often this can occur (approximately 1 sanding per 1mm of wear layer), and given sanding only needs to take place every 10-15 years, this has great implications for value!

Overall invisible lacquer is ideal if you want all the protective benefits and smooth feel of a lacquer, but whilst retaining the gorgeous colour and grain appearance of the wood.

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