Invisible Oil Engineered Wood Flooring

Invisible oil engineered wood flooring is a popular modern solution for those who want the superb feeling of wood flooring underfoot, the unbeatable look of natural hardwood, and a floor that doesn’t need replacing for many years to come. The unique finish of invisible oil provides all the protection of a regular oil finish, but remains transparent. This enables the natural beauty of the solid wood wear layer to shine through, making your engineered wood flooring appear indistinguishable from traditional solid wood floors.

The Benefits

Similarly to other oils, the invisible oil finish of our engineered wood flooring is absorbed into the wood itself. This strengthens the grain of the hardwood completely, rather than just the surface. As a result, the flooring will have increased longevity, requiring less sanding over the course of its lifespan. Invisible oil does, however, differ from traditional oils in terms of appearance. The application of the invisible oil finish to our wood flooring does not change the overall shade of the wood. This allows for the solid wood veneer to preserve its natural characteristics, whilst remaining as sturdy and durable as other engineered wood flooring.

The Choice

Invisible oil works in outstanding harmony with the classic textures of solid oak. For this reason, our invisible oil engineered wood floors are fitted with a solid oak wear layer. We know you won’t be disappointed with the naturalistic, high detailed grains of this bespoke combination.

Our stock of invisible oil engineered wood flooring is available with multiple variations. Whether you need a different style, shade, or thickness, we can supply engineered wood flooring that’s ideal for your home. We also have a range of accessories, letting you keep your flooring looking and feeling its absolute best.

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