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Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring

Oiled engineered wood flooring is an excellent choice for those wanting a harder wearing wood floor, but with the classic natural look and character of oiled solid wood. Some people may be inclined to think that engineered wood flooring looks artificial in comparison to solid wood, but they would be mistaken! The oiled finish is absorbed into the hardwood wear layer, accentuating the grain of the wood. As a result, oiled engineered wood flooring has all the authenticity and strength of solid wood, but with even more rustic charm.

The Benefits

The oils used to finish our engineered wood flooring are made with the environment in mind. Because of this, you can rest assured that your choice of wood flooring is an eco-friendly one. Alongside this, oiled wood floors are especially low maintenance. Any damages are easily rectifiable with a quick sand and re-oil in the location of the stain or mark. This makes oiled engineered wood flooring almost effortless to manage.

The Choice

Oil finishes are particularly suited to our engineered oak and engineered walnut flooring. As the oil is absorbed into the wood, the traditional charm of oak, and the rich smoothness of walnut are both preserved and enriched.

Like all of our engineered wood flooring, these species are available in various styles, colours, and thicknesses. We also provide a range of accessories, allowing you to maintain and re-oil your engineered wood flooring.

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2 Item(s)
125mm Natural Oiled Engineered European Oak Wood Flooring 18/5mm Thick
From £31.24m²
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150mm Natural Oiled Engineered European Oak Wood Flooring 18/5mm Thick
From £32.24m²
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