Tongue and Groove Engineered Wood Flooring

Tongue & groove engineered wood flooring is designed to be easy to install, and sturdy and secure once fitted. The plywood under layers of the flooring are offset, allowing for a jutting out ‘tongue’ and an indented ‘groove’. Put simply, the tongue of one board slots into the groove of another. The real wood lamella remains untouched, so the beautiful characteristics of the flooring are not compromised. Tongue & groove flooring creates a seamless join that offers a flawless, streamlined look, improving the ‘flow’ of your home. With added durability from the engineered board, there’s no wonder why this flooring solution has become a popular alternative to traditional hardwood.

The Benefits

There’s a multitude of advantages when choosing both engineered wood flooring and a tongue and groove installation system. The construction of the engineered board consists of a core of compressed timber. This prevents the flooring from being susceptible to buckling or movement under pressure. Unlike solid wood flooring, engineered floors can be fitted in areas with high levels of moisture and humidity, including over underfloor heating. In addition to impeccable structural integrity, the tongue and groove system provides homeowners with a number of options when it comes to installation. Whilst adhesives and secret nails can be used, one of the huge benefits of tongue and groove flooring is that it can be floated. The boards hold onto each other with incredible security, providing strength and stability from the outset. As a result, your engineered flooring can be placed directly onto underlay, opposed to being glued to a subfloor. This makes the tongue and groove design perfect for those who love DIY!

The Choice

As our tongue and groove engineered wood flooring is in such high demand, our stock is tailored to meet the needs of a variety of homes. Whether you love the decorative flair of classic solid oak, or the smooth, streamlined textures of walnut, the solid wood veneer of our engineered flooring will delight and amaze!

Alongside two excellent choices of species, our tongue and groove flooring comes with a selection of styles, finishes, and thicknesses available. We also offer a bespoke collection of accessories, so you can keep your engineered wood flooring looking truly beautiful for even longer.

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    Painswick Glacier Oak 150 x 600 x 14/3mm
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    Bibury Cape Cod Distressed Oak 190 x 15/4mm
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2 Items