Hand Scraped Engineered Oak Flooring

Hand scraped Engineered Oak Flooring is made up of a top layer of hand scraped hardwood attached to a base of many tightly compacted layers of plywood to help strengthen the wood and give it excellent stability once installed.

Engineered hand scraped oak flooring comes in a variation of stained surfaces giving you the choice of many different styles and colours. As with all engineered wood flooring you are able to sand down and refinish hand scraped oak flooring many times allowing your floor to last for many years without having to replace it.

One of the biggest advantages of hand scraped oak floorboards is the fact it is scratched so it’s much harder to notice any defects than it is on a smooth lacquered surface, this is due to the way the light reflects off the surface of the flooring.  With smooth finishes light bounces off the surface evenly where as when the floor is hand scraped the ridges force the light to bounce off at different angles making scratches hardly noticeable. 

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