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Lacquered Engineered Oak Flooring

Lacquered Oak Wood Flooring is a very popular flooring finishes on the market simply because of how easy it is to maintain and care for, unlike other flooring finishes which need to be re-treated every so often Lacquered engineered oak flooring can last for many years without having any sanding and treatment taken place. Lacquered wood flooring can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth or mop making it extremely quick and easy to keep up with. If any spillage were to occur on a lacquered floor covering it would simply sit on the top until cleaned so you needn't worry about it soaking in and damaging the wood. 

When a pearl satin Lacquer is applied to oak flooring it simply forms a translucent coating protecting against everyday wear and tear that our floors have to withstand. The coating can easily be sanded back and refinished if required however refinishing oak lacquered flooring should not be necessary for many years. The thickness of the wear layer will determine how many times you will be able to sand down and refinish the flooring in its lifetime.

Engineered lacquered oak flooring is a very luxurious species of wood however when purchasing oak wood flooring it is important you are happy with its origin as there are many lesser quality Asian products on the market which don’t last as long and boast a true authentic oak look. The most honest and luxurious oak is sourced in Europe.

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