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Oiled Engineered Oak Flooring

Oiled Engineered Oak Flooring is made up of a top layer of oiled hardwood attached to a base of many tightly compacted layers of plywood to help strengthen the wood and give it excellent stability once installed.

Engineered oiled oak flooring has become more and more popular in the last few years due to many people opting for a more natural looking wood flooring. Unlike lacquer that sits on top of the wood the oil sinks down into the wood enhancing the grain to no end, each time more oil is applied it seeps down into the wood strengthening it. When it comes to repairing any areas that have become worn you will simply be able to apply oil to the areas needing attention unlike other types of flooring where you would need to sand down and refinish the whole room.

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16 Item(s)
Painswick Paradise Oak 80 x 300 x 10/3mm
Customer Reviews (6)
Hutton Barley Oak 125 x 18/5mm
Customer Reviews (7)
Hutton Field Oak 150 x 18/5mm
Customer Reviews (8)
Elgin Pure Oak 190 x 20/4mm
Customer Reviews (2)
Elgin Branches Oak 190 x 20/6mm
Customer Reviews (16)
Elgin Maze Oak 240 x 20/6mm
Customer Reviews (12)
Studley Pristine Oak 190 x 14/3mm
Customer Reviews (5)
Malham Barley Oak 190 x 15/4mm Click
Customer Reviews (13)
Elgin Home Oak 300 x 18/4mm
Customer Reviews (2)
Malham Putnam Grey Oak 190 x 15/4mm
Customer Reviews (3)
Malham Nassau Oak 190 x 15/4mm
Customer Reviews (2)
Malham Brooklyn Oak 190 x 15/4mm
Customer Reviews (0)
Painswick Pyramid Oak 70 x 350 x 11/4mm
Customer Reviews (4)
Painswick Garden Oak 80 x 350 x 20/6mm
Customer Reviews (14)
90mm x 600mm Double Smoked & UV Oiled Chevron Engineered Oak Wood Flooring, 18/4mm Thick
Customer Reviews (2)
Elgin Bronzed Old Oak 190 x 20/6mm
Customer Reviews (9)