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3 Strip Engineered Wood Flooring

3 strip engineered wood flooring is a type of engineered wood floor that is made from multiple strips of wood. The surface layer of real wood will contain three separate and distinct strips from the tree, that have been bonded together to create a single board. This type of flooring is very popular amongst DIY enthusiasts because it allows for wider boards to be made, minimising the total installation time.

With a 3 strip wood board, you will find 3 adjoined strips that make up the width of the plank. For example, if you opt for a 6 inch wide floor board, the surface layer of wood will consist of three 2 inch planks joined together. Once laid, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to tell that the three planks are joined, appearing more like individual solid wood blocks in parquet flooring style.

However, while parquet flooring typically runs in a geometric pattern, 3 strip engineered wood flooring runs in the same direction, so it’s safe to say that the overall look of the flooring is somewhere between parquet and laminate. The good news, however, is that engineered flooring is much more durable than laminate, won’t scuff as easily, and generally looks more ‘realistic’. It’s a much better choice for homes.

In terms of strength, stability, and durability, there’s really no difference between a 1 strip and a 3 strip engineered wood floor. These properties are all determined by the thickness of the floor, not the width. However, there is a significant difference in terms of aesthetics. Many people ask ‘which is better?’, but there’s no right or wrong answer. It all comes down to personal preference and overall desired effect.

One aspect that many homeowners love about 3 strip flooring is that it’s very environmentally friendly, so it’s an excellent choice for ‘green’ homes and those wanting to do their part to protect the environment. As the boards are made from smaller cuts of timber, it provides an opportunity to utilise offcuts effectively and efficiently, reducing waste and helping to ensure the sustainability of our forests.

A further advantage to choosing 3 strip flooring is that there are fewer limitations in terms of sizing options than there are with single plank flooring. As smaller strips are bonded together, it is possible to find very long or wide boards made from trees that are traditionally known for their short or narrow timber, like the acacia tree, for example. 3 strip acacia wood flooring is one of the most popular options.

Despite each individual plank typically being quite wide, the effect is that of narrow boards, which suit larger areas of the home particularly well. Narrower planks bring proportion to big spaces, creating a more cosy, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Unfortunately, laying narrow boards can be time consuming, but with 3 strip flooring, you can essentially install your new floor three times as fast!

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