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High Gloss Engineered Wood Flooring

High gloss engineered wood flooring is made with a very shiny and reflective surface, providing an elegant and luxurious look and feel. While the under layers of the engineered boards are made from sturdy plywood, the surface layer of wood is specially treated during the manufacturing process to produce a glossy, glowing finish. It’s a modern style that’s been growing in popularity in recent years.

The process for achieving this high gloss look is simple yet time consuming, as it’s not simply a finish that’s applied to the wood. The process involves thoroughly sanding the wood to create a smooth, flawless surface, before applying a high gloss lacquer. Once dry, the technique is repeated until the desired effect is achieved. Fortunately, it’s not quite as much effort to maintain this shine at home!

In fact, although many people think that maintaining the shine is hard work, high gloss flooring is actually easier to maintain than its matt counterparts. This is because the multiple layers of lacquer form a protective coating on the surface of the wood, so it’s very rare that the flooring would need to be re-treated. High gloss flooring can last for many, many years without needing any further treatments.

Until recently, the natural, brushed look had been a firm favourite for engineered wood flooring, but high gloss is quickly catching up. There are a number of reasons why, but one of the main ones is that homeowners are searching for more unique flooring options. They want something that fits in with their modern and contemporary home decor, but is based on the more traditional ‘tried and tested’ planks.

With high gloss engineered wood flooring, you get the best of both worlds. You get the confidence of knowing that your planks are engineered to ensure stability and strength, with multiple layers of plywood providing a durable structure. You also get a top layer of real wood that’s so shiny you could see your face in it, creating a board that’s got traditional practicality, but an almost futuristic appearance.

This type of engineered wood flooring is hugely versatile and works in pretty much any room in the home. It’s one of the best types of flooring for making areas seem more spacious and airy, as the high gloss finish reflects natural light all around the room. This makes it a great choice for smaller areas and rooms that are naturally quite dark, opening the space up and making it appear lighter and brighter.

What this type of sparkling flooring also does is open up doors to a whole host of different wood shades and colours. Many people would naturally choose light oaks and beeches for smaller spaces so as not to make the room appear too dark, but because of this flooring’s light-reflecting properties, it’s entirely possible to use deep walnut woods, or even ash black woods as they’re so luminous and clear.

High gloss is also helping homeowners to achieve beautiful, eye catching effects in their homes without the associated upkeep. High gloss has a very similar appearance to the famous European oil-rubbed floors, for example, which look breathtaking but are notoriously difficult to maintain. This type of flooring makes it possible to get the look you’ve been dreaming of, without all the hassle!

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