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Kitchen Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered flooring is the perfect solution for those who want to bring the decorative flair of solid wood into their kitchen. Traditionally, hardwood flooring has proved unsuitable for areas with high levels of moisture and humidity, being susceptible to warping and shrinkages. However, due to the unique composition of engineered wood flooring, this is a problem that homeowners will no longer have to face. Constructed from multiple layers of compressed timber, engineered boards deliver unbeatable stability, and can stand up to the heat of any kitchen environment. Topped with a wear layer of solid wood veneer, your kitchen flooring will be indistinguishable from classic wood, with all the benefits of additional durability and strength.

The Benefits

In the kitchen environment, it’s inevitable that your flooring will see its fair share of splashes. To avoid staining, it’s imperative that your floors are quick and easy to clean. As a result, our collection of kitchen engineered wood flooring has been carefully curated with low maintenance and longevity in mind. Each solid wood veneer has been given a finish that boasts wear-resistance and protection. Smooth, non-textured finishes such as lacquer create an additional barrier above the wood, preventing any spillages from seeping into the grain. This makes cleaning incredibly easy! A quick once over with a damp mop or cloth will prove more than sufficient to keep your flooring safe from harm. If any damages do surface, engineered flooring can be sanded and refinished, just like traditional hardwood. This simple process will restore your flooring to its former glory, removing the need for reinstallation.

The Choice

At Luxury Flooring, we pride ourselves on leaving you spoilt for choice. Our kitchen engineered wood flooring is available in a bespoke range of species, including classic oak, elegant walnut, and intricate acacia. With an extensive variety of stock, we’re confident you’ll find a choice of flooring that is perfect for your kitchen.

In addition to a breath-taking selection of species, all of our engineered flooring comes in a variety of styles, shades, and thicknesses. We also offer a range of high quality accessories, so you can refinish and maintain your new flooring with ease.

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