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Kitchen Engineered Wood Flooring

In a kitchen, your priority when it comes to flooring needs to be the ability to clean up food splashes and other spillages to avoid staining. For this reason, we have compiled a collection of our best engineered flooring to suit kitchens, not only in practicality, but style too.

For easy cleaning, a smoother and non-textured floor is best. Choose lacquered options to crate a film over the floor without ruining the textured look, but simultaneously preventing crumbs an, sauces and oils from becoming stuck or seeping into the wood. For avoiding staining, lacquers and oils are very protective, and if spillages are cleaned quickly enough, no staining should occur on engineered flooring. Darker options are also better if you are wishing to hide any spillages that can't be cleaned immediately, for example if you have guests.

Style wise, wood flooring can help create a rustic or country kitchen look, both of which are currently very on trend. You can also choose from parquet styles, or grey, white or classic tones to create whichever look you desire. Whether you want modern or classic for your kitchen, this collection has it all.

For kitchens, engineered flooring is better than solid wood because this type of flooring can withstand moisture, changes in temperature and humidity, all of which are common in this environment. Similarly to solid wood however, engineered flooring can be sanded down. This means if any large and noticeable stains were to occur, you could simply sand the floor and refinish it to make it look good as new. In addition, the lifespan of engineered flooring is longer than alternatives, often lasting more than a lifetime. This is great news if you are looking to only buy one floor in your life, or receive a lot of footfall in your home. Engineered flooring is also superior to LVT or laminate which, despite providing great protection, do not have the same lifespan or add the same value to your home.

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