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Square Edge Engineered Wood Flooring

For engineered wood flooring with a flawlessly smooth surface, look no further than square edge boards. Manufactured with unbelievable precision, each plank of engineered wood has a perfectly perpendicular edge. Every board elegantly fits together with no visible join, delivering incredibly clean visual results. Underneath the solid wood wear layer, the unique composition of compressed timber gives engineered wood flooring unbeatable strength and stability. Once fitted, your square edge engineered boards will look identical to their solid wood counterparts, with the added benefit of enhanced durability.

The Benefits

Alongside a sophisticated appearance fit for the stateliest of homes, square edge engineered wood flooring has a range of additional benefits, including practicality. As the joins of every board create a sleek surface with no variations in height, any dust or debris will not get trapped between the planks. This means that your flooring can be sufficiently cleaned with nothing more than a quick sweep. The low maintenance of the surface is matched by the durability of the board’s base layer. As the core is composed of multiple layers of wood fitted together in a criss-cross formation, movement within the board is virtually impossible. As a result, your square edge engineered flooring won’t warp and buckle when fitted in areas of high humidity and moisture. Even when placed over underfloor heating, you can rest assured that your floors will always look and feel amazing.

The Choice

Our square edge engineered wood flooring is fitted with a solid oak wear layer, hand selected for its beautiful personality and character. With the intricate grains of solid oak, you can rest assured that your square edge boards will look stylish and unique, being a perfect fit for your home.

Our engineered flooring comes in an excellent selection of styles, shades, and finishes, allowing you to get creative when you renovate your home. Don’t forget to check out our range of accessories and maintenance equipment, so you can keep your floors looking shiny and new.

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7 Item(s)
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