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White Engineered Wood Flooring

White is a neutral shade that can help make a room unique, modern or monochrome. Depending on other decor shades and styles in the room, white can be highly versatile - perfect for those who like to redecorate often. Read more below and browse through our lovely white engineered flooring options for maximum durability, style and value.

Being that white is neutral, it can easily match any other colour. Bold colours will pop well amongst the pure white backdrop, whereas other natural tones such as black can help create themes. As white in such large quantities can be overwhelming or cold, we would recommend using bold colour to make a statement, black for monochrome looks, or browns and beiges to warm things up a little.

One of whites many advantages is its ability to open up a room. It is well known for making a small room appear larger, and larger rooms even more elegant than they already appear. It also helps make spaces more welcoming and friendly, especially when combined with colour and brown neutrals - an earthy rug is a great example of this.

We recommend avoiding white in home with pets or children, and in rooms with heavy footfall or where spillages occur such as kitchens. However, if you clean up spillages as soon as they occur, no staining will take place if you have a protective lacquer or oil applied, so the choice is down to you.

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