Medium Engineered Wood Flooring

Medium engineered wood is a great neutral option that pairs with any décor and furnishings. This popular shade can really add a rustic warmth to any home. Our engineered wood range features high-quality European oak hand-picked by our flooring experts. Browse our range to see all the styles, finishes and textures we have to offer.

For a classic style there’s no better choice, and with the engineered wood’s multilayer construction it’s perfect for most rooms of the house. Engineered wood’s water-resistant properties means it a great choice for busy kitchens and dining rooms as it can withstand splashes and spillages if water isn’t allowed to pool for too long on the surface. Additionally, the stunning designs and styles available in this range including herringbone floors which will dazzles as a living room or hallway option.

The wear layer on engineered wood with a solid wood top layer allows you to sand and refinish when the floor starts to appear tarnished but usually, we don’t recommend you’ll need to do this for the first 10-15 years of your floor’s lifetime. How thick your wear layer is will dictate how many times you’re able to do so but your engineered floor will last decades with the right care and maintenance.

With next day delivery and free unlimited samples, it’s time to get the floor of your dreams. Browse our collection now!

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  1. Elgin Haybale Oak 150 x 20/6mm Sale Badge
    Elgin Haybale Oak 150 x 20/6mm
    £39.95 £33.29 Was £75.95 Was £63.29
  2. Studley Newborn Oak 190 x 14/3mm Unfinished Sale Badge
    Studley Newborn Oak 190 x 14/3mm Unfinished
    £53.95 £44.96 Was £89.95 Was £74.96
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2 Items