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Acacia Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered acacia wood flooring is a very hardwearing and cost effective alternative to solid acacia wood flooring. It is made from a number of plywood layers that sit beneath a real acacia surface, combining the beautiful appearance of acacia with the strength of an engineered supporting structure. The top layer of acacia wood is often somewhere between 2mm and 6mm thick.

Many people are choosing engineered acacia wood flooring over solid acacia flooring because of the unique composition and design which makes it incredibly durable. As the plywood layers are set at 90 degree angles, there is virtually no chance of movement within the board, minimising the risk of warping and shifting which can be concerns with other styles of flooring, especially in very cold or warm homes.

In terms of hardness, acacia wood holds a medium rating on the Janka hardness scale – it’s a little softer than sandalwood, and a little harder than walnut. This makes engineered acacia wood flooring the ideal option for homes as it’s soft enough to be affordable and very easy to work with, but hard enough to be strong, secure, and long lasting. Acacia wood is not likely to scuff or mark easily.

Despite its durability and naturally hardwearing nature, engineered acacia wood flooring often comes with a finish that adds to its strength. A gloss or matt lacquer are two of the most popular types of finish for engineered acacia wood flooring, although there are many other options available. This added strength means that engineered acacia wood flooring is great for areas of moderate or high foot traffic.

A common question that many people ask is why they should choose engineered acacia over solid acacia. The truth is that both types of flooring are stunning, but there is an advantage to engineered: size. Acacia timber is naturally quite short, so solid acacia boards tend to be very limited in their sizing. Engineered acacia wood flooring can be made longer, or wider, to suit a variety of spaces.

Most acacia wood comes from Australia and the Pacific Islands, although some of the more exotic wood comes from Asia and Madagascar. There are actually more than 980 species of acacia, so there’s a lot of variety in terms of colour and overall appearance. Some acacia wood is very chocolatey, while other acacia could be a light brown, or have red, orange, or yellow undertones. Acacia is usually quite bold.

The colour variation of engineered acacia wood flooring helps to add depth to a room, and a sort of raw, rustic, warm, welcoming, and genuine feel that works great in homes with traditional decor and farmhouse-style designs. Engineered acacia wood flooring is a choice that adds a lot of character and personality to a room through its unique grain patterns, contrasting knots, and colour variation.

Due to the wide variations in engineered acacia wood flooring, it’s particularly suited to larger areas of the home, as these bigger spaces give the acacia wood the room it needs to really show off its diversity. While engineered acacia wood flooring does, of course, look beautiful in smaller areas too, you will see more of the benefits of the wood variation in a larger, more open space.

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