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10mm & 11mm Engineered Flooring

10mm & 11mm engineered wood flooring is a popular type of flooring consisting of a real wood surface, and under layers of fibreboard adding strength and structure. The total thickness of each individual board is 10mm. While the exact split between the real wood surface and the fibreboard structure will vary by supplier, it is common to find 10mm flooring with a 2.5mm top layer, and a 7.5mm layer of fibreboard.

With a 10-11mm engineered wood flooring board, you can reasonably expect to be able to sand or re-finish the flooring around 3 times on average, to remove scuffs and other surface marks. Sanding any more than this may result in the loss of the beauty and strength of the real wood layer. The likelihood of scuffs largely depends on the type of wood used for the surface layer, and that wood’s individual properties.

As 10-11mm engineered wood flooring is one of the thinnest types of engineered wood flooring available on the market, It is generally recommended that it’s used in areas of the home that see slightly less foot traffic that other areas. 10mm engineered wood flooring is ideal for bedrooms, for example, but it may struggle to maintain its high quality look in very busy and bustling hallways or other communal areas.

Although 10-11mm engineered wood flooring cannot be refinished or sanded as many times as a thicker engineered wood flooring board, it does have its advantages. It’s ideal in rooms with low ceilings, for example, to allow for taller furniture like large wardrobes, and it’s great in areas where there is a limited gap between the floor and the bottom of the door, where a thicker floorboard may prevent full opening.

The thinner engineered wood flooring boards like the 10-11mm option are also quite cost effective, so for those people wanting to breathe a fresh lease of life into their home while sticking to a strict budget, a 10-11mm engineered wood flooring board can be the perfect solution. Wood flooring can often be thought of as costly, but this particular choice proves that this certainly isn’t always the case.

A common concern that many people have regarding 10-11mm engineered wood flooring is that it won’t be of a very high quality. However, although with some types of wood, thinner is often associated with lower quality, that’s not the case with engineered wood flooring. As there is the added strength of the fibreboard layers to add support and durability, even a 10-11mm engineered board can be long lasting.

10-11mm engineered wood flooring is available with a number of different types of real wood surfaces, with oak and walnut often being top choices, although more unusual woods like larch and acacia are also increasing in popularity in the UK. There is also a wide range of finishes to choose from, such as gloss or matt lacquered finishes, and a large selection of different lengths and widths to suit a variety of spaces.

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