10mm Engineered Wood Flooring

Ideal for areas where a thin board is required such as areas with limited headspace, the 10mm thick engineered wood flooring is a popular choice. A multilayer construction with a real solid wood top layer, these floors still have all the durability you would expect from wood flooring but with the benefits of an engineering including underfloor heating compatibility.

Our 10mm engineered floors are in total 10mm thick but usually have a wear layer of 3mm. This means the floor can be sanded usually 2-3 times, meaning that on average they will last you over 40 years as they don’t usually require refinishing until 10-15 years after installation, and after that only when they are looking tarnished and need refreshing.

Engineered wood is a very popular choice due to the fact it’s suitable for most rooms of the house. More water resistant than solid wood but still susceptible to some damage, if engineered wood is fitted in a kitchen or bathroom, take care to clean any spillages as soon as is possible. Engineered wood can handle high foot traffic and humidity changes including underfloor heating, making it ideal for living rooms and bedrooms for a traditional look with a warm, cosy feel.

Our 10mm engineered wood comes in a wide variety of finishes, surfaces, and shades, offering you the variety to find the perfect flooring for you, no mater what look you’re going for. There’s rich spiced herringbone for a warmer, traditional feel, or light Chamonix for a contemporary touch.

Our 10mm engineered floors are also cheaper on average than their solid oak alternatives, meaning they’re attainable elegance. Browse and order your 10mm engineered floor now.

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