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13mm Thick Engineered Wood Flooring

13mm engineered wood flooring is made up of a real wood top layer, supported by additional layers of plywood or fibreboard underneath. In cases of the thinner engineered wood boards, like 13mm flooring, there will often be 3 layers in total making up the board. For thicker boards, there will usually be more under layers involved. 13mm engineered wood flooring is one of the most popular choices here in the UK.

Engineered wood flooring is often seen as very cost effective and easy to maintain, and as a long lasting alternative to luxury solid wood flooring. The under layers of support which form the structure of the board are placed with the grains at 90 degrees to each other, which leaves little room for movement, even when under pressure. That’s why engineered wood flooring has fast become one of the best and most popular options for homes.

In 13mm engineered wood flooring, the total thickness of each individual floor board is 13mm. In many cases, a 13mm engineered wood flooring board will be made up of 11.5mm of fibreboard, creating the overall structure, and a 2.5mm real wood surface layer

In fact, there is not a huge amount of difference in durability based on the thickness of the top layer in 13mm engineered wood flooring boards, because no matter what the composition, the overall thickness remains the same. However, a thicker top layer, like a 4mm top layer, can typically be refinished more times than a thinner layer, like a 2.5mm layer. For busier areas, a thicker wear layer is advised.

Although a 13mm engineered wood flooring board is one of the thinnest on the market, there are a number of advantages to opting for this type of floorboard. Firstly, of course, is that this type of board is typically very good value for money. It’s also ideal for areas where a thicker board may not be suitable; for example, when such a board may restrict door opening, or create an uneven transition between rooms.

Many homeowners actually prefer a thinner floorboard, like a 13mm engineered wood flooring board, because it gives smaller rooms a little more height. Although it may not be the most obvious choice for family areas, like busy kitchens and hallways, or for communal spaces, there really is no need for anything thicker than 13mm engineered wood flooring in rooms such as the bedroom or study.

It’s important to remember that the ‘13mm’ in 13mm engineered wood flooring refers only to the overall thickness of the board, and not to any other feature or characteristic. A 13mm engineered wood flooring board could be made with an oak, larch, walnut, or acacia top layer, for example. It could be unfinished, polished, or lacquered; it could be narrow, wide, long, or short. The possibilities are endless.

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