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14mm Engineered Wood Flooring

14mm engineered wood flooring is a type of durable, long lasting, and cost effective flooring that is designed to mimic the high quality and luxurious look of solid wood flooring. It is created through bonding multiple layers of plywood or fibreboard together at 90 degree angles for added stability, with a surface layer of real wood added to the top. It provides a really beautiful and opulent look in the home.

In a 14mm engineered wood flooring board, the total thickness of the board, including both the plywood layers and the real wood surface layer, is 14mm. In many cases, a 14mm engineered wood flooring board will be made up of 11mm of fibreboard, creating the overall structure, and a 3mm real wood surface layer. There are many choices of wood, including light oak, chocolatey walnut, and exotic acacia wood.

Engineered wood flooring is typically available in thicknesses of between 10mm and 20mm, so with a 14mm engineered wood flooring board you’re very much getting the best of both worlds. A 14mm engineered wood flooring board is typically more cost effective than the thicker boards, but is still robust enough to be used in relatively busy areas of the home – like bedrooms, studies, and some kitchen spaces.

A 14mm engineered wood flooring board is designed to last, and in many cases should hold up very well for anywhere between 10 and 15 years, after which it can be refinished or sanded as desired. Lacquer can help to protect the wood from scuffs and other types of surface marks, but if you’re planning to install engineered wood flooring in a particularly busy location, a slightly thicker board may be better.

There are many advantages to choosing 14mm engineered wood flooring. For example, these medium-thickness boards are strong enough to be cut with a modern ‘click and lock’ installation system, while some of the heavier, thicker boards require adhesive for a secure fitting. The newer ‘floating installation’ method has become hugely popular, enabling DIY enthusiasts to easily install the flooring themselves, helping to keep costs down.

14mm engineered wood flooring often comes with a choice of bevelled or square edges, while thicker boards are usually bevelled. While there is no technical advantage to choosing one over the other, this option does give homeowners a bit more flexibility and control over the finished look. Bevelled edging can help engineered wood flooring to look more authentic, with the groove mimicking the classic appearance of solid wood flooring.

There is a wide range of choice when it comes to 14mm engineered wood flooring. Not only is there a large selection of different woods for the surface layer, there are also a number of finishes to choose from, including brushed, distressed, oiled, or unfinished for a raw, rustic look. 14mm engineered wood flooring is also available in different widths and lengths. Wider boards work great in smaller spaces to create a larger, more spacious atmosphere, while narrower boards help to bring proportion to bigger areas.

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