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15mm & 16mm Engineered Flooring

15mm & 16mm engineered wood flooring is made up of a top layer of real wood, and multiple under layers of a thinner plywood or fibreboard which helps to add structure and stability without increasing cost. The total thickness of each individual plank is 15-16mm, which typically consists of a 4mm real wood wear layer and a 11mm thickness of plywood set at 90 degree angles for durability.

While a 4mm wood surface is very common in 15-16mm engineered wood flooring, it is not unusual to find planks that have a 3mm top layer. 3mm wood surfaces are increasing in popularity as homeowners are wanting to create more space for cabinets or wardrobes. Although a 3mm top layer is certainly strong and sturdy enough for relatively busy domestic settings, a 4mm surface can be sanded and refinished more times, potentially increasing the lifespan of the flooring. When cared for properly, these floors can last for 20 or more years.

A frequent question that’s asked is whether the thickness of the top wood layer could impact upon the efficiency and effectiveness of underfloor heating. The answer is no.

In fact, 15-16mm engineered wood flooring is actually a very good choice for laying over underfloor heating, regardless of the thickness of the top layer. A 15-16mm plank with a top layer of between 4mm and 6mm has a thermal resistance of 0.08 m2 K/W (0.8 tog) which means that heat easily transfers through the wood, helping to keep your toes – and your room – nice and toasty during those cold winter months.

15-16mm engineered wood flooring is widely considered to be a good ‘all-rounder’. It’s thick enough to benefit from increased durability, but still thin enough to use in areas where a thicker board may be unsuitable, such as rooms with particularly low ceilings. If you’re unsure whether to go for a thin plank or a thick plank, you usually can’t go wrong with 15-16mm engineered wood flooring. It’s great for homes.

Engineered wood flooring is fast becoming a firm favourite because it retains all the beauty and luxury of solid wood flooring, but benefits from being more cost effective, and a lot more stable in areas of extreme conditions, such as areas with underfloor heating, in moisture-prone rooms such as the kitchen, and in areas regularly exposed to direct sunlight. Engineered wood won’t warp; it’s designed to last.

When choosing 15-16mm engineered wood flooring, you’ll have a wide range of options that allow you to find the perfect fit for your home. There’s a large selection of different woods, such as oak, acacia, larch, and walnut, various colours and shades, finishes such as polish, oil, and lacquer, and a number of available widths and lengths. 15-16mm engineered wood flooring really is an excellent choice.

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