15mm Engineered Wood Flooring

15mm engineered wood flooring is constructed on multiple layers of typically plywood or fibreboard with a solid wood top layer to construct a more stable material which will be able to withstand temperature changes. This means that it is typically more durable and is compatible with underfloor heating compared to solid wood flooring options. Our 15mm boards include a 4mm wear layer which means you will be able to sand and refinish your floor around 3-4 times, resulting in a floor which will last 50+ years (essentially a lifetime). You’re also able to apply a different finish on your floor currently, so you’ll have a floor you love that grows with you over the years.

The 15mm thickness is seen as the best of both worlds as it’s thick enough to be totally durable but also thin enough for it to be perfect for underfloor heating. It’s thinner than a few of our other options in engineered wood which means it allows the natural transfer of heat to occur, always maintaining the perfect temperature for our rooms. If you’re looking for a floor that is best designed for underfloor heating with the look of real wood, a 15mm engineered wood is the one for you.

Engineered wood can also be used in rooms with wood burning stoves or large windows that allow a lot of light as the multi layer construction means the wood does not expand and contract the same way a solid wood floor would, leading to a decreased risk of buckling and disruption in your flooring.

Available in both straight plank and parquet styles, engineered wood floor can be used to both make a statement or offer traditional class. Our engineered wood also offered in a variety of shades, plank sizes, finishes, and grades including many in a distressed grade offering a uniquely distinctive look.

Order your unlimited free samples today and see the quality for yourself.

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  1.  Malham Pastry Oak 260 x 15/4mm Sale Badge
    Malham Pastry Oak 260 x 15/4mm
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    Chamonix Plover Oak 90 x 750 x 15/4mm
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  3. Malham Barley Oak 190 x 15/4mm Click Sale Badge
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3 Items