18mm Engineered Wood Flooring

18mm engineered wood flooring boasts staggering popularity, with one of the thickest boards available on the market today. The unique construction of engineered flooring allows for enhanced structural integrity. With increased durability, strength, and versatility, 18mm engineered boards are a fantastic alternative to traditional hardwoods. Due to the thickness of the board, this type of flooring can be fitted with a wear layer of 6mm! As a result, you’ll be able to sand and refinish your floors up to 6 times!

The Benefits

With updates in flooring technology, engineered wood has become well recognised amongst homeowners as one of the most durable flooring solutions available. Our 18mm boards are all composed of multiple layers of compressed timbers, running against one another at a 90-degree angle. This reduces the movement within the board, making it resistant to warping and shrinkages. As a result, engineered floors can be fitted in areas deemed unsuitable for traditional solid woods. This includes kitchens, in direct sunlight, and even over underfloor heating! With added thickness, our engineered flooring is a perfect fit for hallways, living rooms, and other areas of high foot traffic.

The Choice

We believe that having plenty of choice is vitally important when selecting new flooring. With our extensive collection of 18mm engineered wood floors, we’ve got you covered! Whether you adore the decorative flair of solid oak, or the stylish, streamlined chic of solid walnut, the veneer of our engineered flooring is visually stunning and hard-wearing. You won’t be disappointed!

In addition to an amazing choice of species, our 18mm boards are available in a variety of styles, shades, and finishes, so you can find a product that is perfect for your home. We also stock an excellent range of accessories. Order yours today, and you could receive next day delivery!

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  1. Chamonix Pale Oak 90 x 600 x 18/4mm Sale Badge
    Chamonix Pale Oak 90 x 600 x 18/4mm
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    Painswick Delicate Oak 90 x 400 x 18/4mm
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2 Items