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20mm Engineered Wood Flooring

20mm engineered wood flooring is a low cost, attractive alternative to solid wood flooring. Planks are made from multiple layers of plywood or fibre board for stability and strength, and finished with a layer of real wood to give the look and feel of solid wood. The total thickness of each individual plank in 20mm engineered wood flooring is 20mm, with the wood surface usually being between 4mm and 6mm.

A common question that’s asked is whether it’s best to choose a 20mm engineered wood flooring board that has a 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm top layer. The truth is that there’s very little difference in the overall look and feel of the different planks. However, a 6mm top layer is typically recommended for areas of heavier foot traffic, such as hallways, as it can be refinished more times to remove scuffs and keep it looking great. In most domestic situations, however, a 4mm top layer should prove to be more than sufficient.

20mm engineered wood flooring is one of the thickest types of engineered wood flooring available. It’s very hard wearing, is unlikely to mark or scuff easily, and is particularly suited to large rooms with high ceilings, to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. However, it’s always a good idea to check the height of your doors before ordering this flooring to ensure there’s a large enough gap for the door to open.

One of the biggest advantages of 20mm engineered wood flooring is that it’s a lot more durable and much less flexible than its thinner counterparts. This means that many types of 20mm planks can be installed directly onto joists (joists with centres of at least 400mm are recommended), without requiring a subfloor. This can make installation quicker, easier, and a lot more cost effective.

Some people may be concerned that a thicker floor, like 20mm engineered wood flooring, would be too thick to use alongside underfloor heating. However, contrary to popular belief, 20mm is still an excellent choice. With a 4mm to 6mm real wood top layer, 20mm engineered wood flooring has a thermal resistance of 0.10 m2 k/w (1.0 tog). While this is slightly more than the thermal resistance of a 15mm plank, it’s still low enough to ensure good heat transfer to your feet in winter.

If you're planning to use this type of flooring alongside underfloor heating, remember that the surface of the wood may take a little longer to heat up, due to the extra thickness when compared to a 15mm plank, for example. However, a 20mm engineered wood flooring board will retain its heat for longer, so investing in a thick plank can help to save money.

When it comes to 20mm engineered wood flooring, the choices are practically endless. You’ll find a wide range of different woods available to suit different homes, as well as various lengths and widths, and a number of finishes such as lacquered, polished, brushed, or simply unfinished for a rustic feel. This is a very beautiful and practical choice for both homes and businesses.

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