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Wide Engineered Wood Flooring

Wide engineered wood flooring is a very popular type of flooring that combines the stability and hardwearing nature of a plywood structure, with the beauty of a real wood surface layer. Each plank is cut to a wide size during the engineering process, and comes in varying lengths to suit different tastes and different areas of the home. Wide boards can either be made as single plank or 3 strip flooring.

There is some subjectivity when it comes to flooring widths. ‘Wide’ engineered wood flooring can actually be as narrow as 180mm, for example, depending on the supplier, but typically ‘wide’ is used to refer to floor boards that measure 190mm or more in width. 190mm, 220mm, and 240mm widths are some of the most commonly available boards, although it’s not unusual to see boards measuring 260mm.

A wide board naturally adds stability to the flooring, so these planks are great for areas of moderate to heavy foot traffic, such as hallways for example. For this reason, there tends to be a bit more variety in board length with wide boards than there does with narrow boards. It is possible to find shorter options in a wide plank than a narrow plank, with the width making up for the lack of length in terms of strength.

Generally, it is advised that wide plank solid wood should not be installed in areas of high moisture, as the expansion/shrinkage effect tends to be more visible with a wider plank. However, engineered wood is created with the plywood layers at 90 degree angles, which makes movement practically impossible. If you want wide planks for kitchens, opt for wide engineered wood flooring, rather than wide solid wood.

The star of the show in engineered wood flooring is, of course, the real wood lamella, and wide planks provide an opportunity to really take advantage of this. Larger areas of wood means more chance for the wood to show off its unique characteristics. For example, rustic grade wood with its natural knots works very well in a wide plank, along with woods that are famous for their contrasting grains, like larch.

These wide planks are the ideal choice for smaller spaces in the home, because the extra width adds volume and makes small rooms appear more open, more airy and more spacious. As there is a greater ratio of floor to join with wide boards than there is with narrow boards, the flooring tends to look less ‘busy’ and more streamlined, which can help to open up small spaces, giving the impression of roominess.

When compared to narrow wood flooring, wide planks appear to be a lot less formal, because there’s less intricacy in the pattern once laid. This means that wide planks work really well in more casual areas of the home, where you’re looking for high quality wood flooring without anything overblown. Wide engineered wood flooring is a great choice for communal areas, kid’s bedrooms, and relaxed kitchens.

190mm engineered wood flooring

220mm engineered wood flooring

260mm engineered wood flooring

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