Wide Engineered Wood Flooring

Wide engineered wood flooring has become an increasingly popular choice for its ability to exhibit the naturalistic details of hardwood, whilst remaining unbeatable in terms of strength. Engineered wood flooring combines the stability and hardwearing nature of a plywood structure, with the beauty of a real wood surface layer. During the manufacturing process, each plank is cut with an increased width in mind. This allows for an informal, yet highly attractive appearance, perfect for casual areas of your home.

The Benefits

Traditionally, wide solid wood floors have proven unsuitable for areas of high moisture and humidity. This is because the wider board makes any changes in the wood more visible, and spoils the aesthetic of your room. Fortunately, this is not a problem for wide engineered wood flooring. Constructed for enhanced structural integrity, engineered woods are less susceptible to movement, and will not warp under pressure. As a result, your wide boards will be extremely versatile, allowing you to show off their unique characteristics in multiple rooms of the house. Alongside this, the additional width adds volume, making small rooms appear more spacious. With a greater ratio of boards to joins, wide engineered wood flooring can open up a space, giving the impression of more room.

The Choice

Two exceptional choices of species for wide engineered wood flooring are solid oak and solid walnut. The classic, rustic appearance of oak, and the rich, smoothness of walnut are heightened by the width of the boards, delivering stunning visual results. The width of our wide engineered wood floors range from 190mm to 260mm, so you have plenty of opportunities to find the perfect match for your home.

As with our other engineered wood flooring, our wide planks are available in a variety of finishes, shades, styles, and thicknesses. If that wasn’t enough, our quality selection of accessories will meet all your maintenance needs. At Luxury Flooring, we are confident that you’ll find a choice of flooring that is a perfect fit in your home.

For our full range of engineered wood flooring click here: Engineered Wood Flooring 

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